As Uptowne Olds is creating its own autonomous organization, and shouldering more of its own work, we recognize that when we all come together to support one another we will be more engaged in our mutual successes.

A good deal of what we have been focused on is marketing and promotion, events and campaigns. There is interest in creating some new activities and committees, like an historical group that can help us celebrate our roots through stories and images. We have a number of restaurants that can play a bigger role in attracting people to the core. Arts and cultural features can enhance our experiential offers.

We could use more help. The core group has been working hard, and could use some assistance. Whether it’s hanging up a sign here and there, doing a phone-out to make sure members know about an important meeting or community issue, or to plan the next visitor engagement event, you gain more out of your membership with your involvement.

And as a new non-profit, banking volunteer hours goes a long way toward any grant applications that may come up in our future.

If you can spare a bit of time here and there, your business and Uptowne as a whole will reap the rewards several times over.

Please take a moment to complete the information below. Thank you.

We would like to match you with the activities that hold the most interest for you, and where you feel most comfortable. From placing phone calls to putting up signs, many hands make light work. Please let us know how you can contribute best.
We are all busy – if you can spare an hour or two throughout a month, a quarter or even the year, your contribution helps everyone.

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