It’s tough to say exactly when the conversation happened. Somewhere along the way in this past year – with all the lockdowns and restrictions and on-again-off-again event plans – the subject was broached:

If we are going through the process of setting up an entirely new independent non-profit association for Uptowne Olds, perhaps it is also a good time to rebrand.

The “red carpet” logo has been in use since the inception of the organization in 2005. With all the changes of the recent months, and a renewed focus on business retention, attraction and support along with visitor attraction through engaging events, the people around the table at Uptowne meetings felt they were due for a new look.

The large mural painted by Kevin Johnson in 2019 is an inspiration for the logo. It has served as a backdrop for many events and photography shoots, and the chrysanthemum depicted in the mural is an image we would like to include in the logo. Why that image in particular? After some research we discovered some very relevant and meaningful symbolism:

  • Happiness, love, longevity and joy
  • Meaningful friendship
  • Positive energy
  • Symbol of rebirth
  • Loyalty & devotion
  • Bountiful harvest & goodwill

Some ideas for a new logo came forward, but cutting to the chase, we are down to the two final contenders. Please, feel free to let us know your pick:

Now here are these options on a black background:

And some other variations… maybe seasonal applications?

Oh, and that one on the top right… that’s the next piece of the puzzle to determine.

We are still looking for the words to go with the image

Coming up with a whiz-bang ‘tag line’ is a way of capturing the spirit of our little neighborhood, and it buttons up all that we are in just a few words.

We are asking people what comes to mind when they think of Uptowne Olds, and we’d like your feedback! How would you describe the “vibe” of Uptowne? What is it that we have here that you can’t find in elsewhere? Is there something that makes us unique to all the other communities in Alberta? What do you tell others about Uptowne Olds? For instance, do you think that Uptowne is more artsy or aggie?

Share your thoughts! Chances are there are others who are thinking something much like that, and it helps us out so much!

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